Matthew Senn

Matthew Senn
  • Senior Project Engineer Technical Lead – Renewable Energy
  • Company: Envista Forensics

Mr. Matthew Senn is a Senior Project Engineer and a licensed Professional Engineer with a strong background in Renewable Energy power generation; specifically, Megawatt-class wind turbine and solar photovoltaic power plants. He has analyzed failures of renewable energy equipment during construction, operation, and transportation phases of the equipment. He specializes in root cause failure analysis and has evaluated damage and subsequent repairs to the following large renewable energy equipment: generators/motors, wind turbine blades, nacelles, generators, gearboxes, bearings, control panel, inverters/converters, large gauge insulated conductor cables, high-power vacuum tube contactors, generator slip rings with carbon brushes, power factor correction capacitors and ultrasonic anemometers, and solar photovoltaic modules.

Additionally, he has performed forensic investigation on fire scenes. He has analyzed failed deep-groove ball bearings installed on generators and motors. He has experience designing installation of motor current monitoring systems, condition monitoring systems, large gauge conductor cable repair and engineered tower power and light systems. He has assisted in the development of electrical safety lock-out/tag-out programs and authored many repair instructions for electrical components. At Envista, he provides forensic analysis of electrical and electromechanical equipment failure and provides technical leadership on renewable energy equipment failures.

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