Agenda 2nd May 2022. New York

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Panel Discussion: Has the Green Pendulum Swung Too Far?

ESG is the hottest topic of the moment, but has the pendulum swung too far and are there signs that the world is righting itself once more? In the run up to COP26 there was a drive for nations to act, but now there’s been a reality check. We still need oil and gas. This session will discuss the viability of oil and gas, and the mood music around renewable energy.

Moderator: Corey Greenwald, Partner, Clyde & Co

Panelists: Dorothea Ioannou, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, The American Club

David Cox, Chief Executive Officer, MatthewsDaniel

Lisa Chines, Lead Underwriter, CGA Insurance


Panel Discussion: Geopolitics – A World of Change

This session will consider how global politics is playing out in the energy space. Biden is calling for renewables, and at the same time urging OPEC to increase production. How does that stack up? What is the impact of China on global energy demands? Where is oil exploration continuing?  Closer to home, this session will also consider US politics and the risk of a new president changing the investment dynamic, particularly for renewables. The session will also cover recent global events and the impact that will have on the energy sector

Moderator: George Lugrin, President, Hall Maines Lugrin

Panelists: Christopher Guith, Senior Vice President, U.S Chamber of Commerce Global Energy Institute

Ed Tockman, Head of Consulting Americas, Rystad Energy

Jim Krane, Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies, Baker Institute Rice University


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Presentation: Net Zero – What Does it All Mean?

Presentation: US Offshore Wind – Working the Rules

How can you become compliant with Net Zero by 2050, and what is Net Zero exactly? It can be difficult for a company to claim ESG compliance. This session looks at some of the pitfalls, which can catch the unwary and lead to accusations of greenwashing.

With the US wind industry subject to the Jones Act regulations, this session considers whether there is enough talent to cope with the surge in wind farms. This will include a look at existing port infrastructure and the required support systems, as well as how the US can take advantage of existing expertise elsewhere in the world.

Presenter: Frederick (Billy) Swaim III, Director, Galloway Johnson Tompkins Burr & Smith

Presenter: Julia Shemesh, Deputy General Counsel, Crowley Marine Services


Panel Discussion: Oil & Gas Overview – Hold onto Your Hats

12.00-12.40pm: Panel Discussion: Offshore Wind – Ready or Not, Here it Comes…

What are the prevailing insurance market conditions for the oil & gas sector? This session analyzes the state of the insurance market, including a look at the reinsurance appetite. We consider the impact of recent mergers and acquisitions, as well as the arrival of new entrants.

Wind farms are a new phenomenon in the US offshore sector, so how is the insurance market stepping up to cater to this new line of business? We consider the challenges and opportunities, and ask whether the market has the appetite or capacity for such a market expansion.

Moderator: Gerry Fahrenthold, Senior Vice President, SCOR

Panelists: Warren Meigs, Americas Head of Energy, AIG Specialty

David Hurd, Global Line Head for Executive Risks, SCOR

Rob Albino, Marsh Energy and Power Zone Leader, Marsh

Moderator: Hal Watson, Partner, Chaffe McCall

Panelists: Bin Wang, Vice President Offshore Renewables, Norwegian Hull Club

Julia Shemesh, Deputy General Counsel, Crowley Marine Services

James Mulligan, Assistant Underwriter, G-Cube Insurance Services

12.40-13.00: Presentation: Offshore Wind – Fast Evolving Technologies, but Not Without Risk

Offshore wind is a booming industry where insurance plays a key role. It’s a trade-off between new technologies enabling developers to lower their costs and new investors taking technological risks. Over the past decade a vast majority of construction project have experienced claims. We’ll show some examples and see whether insurance wordings are always clear or not…

Presenter: Lionel Kpoze, Senior Energy Underwriter, SCOR


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Presentation: What is Carbon Capture?

Presentation: US Solar – Understanding the Risks


Measuring efforts to reach net zero often involves carbon capture schemes. This session is designed to provide a better understanding of what carbon capture is, and the opportunities it offers energy companies and their insurers.

What types of problems can we expect at utility-scale solar farms, and how can we understand and mitigate those risks?  This session explores some of the more common problems, explores different investigation strategies, and looks to the future. 

Presenter: Natalie Khtikian, North American Leader, Climeworks

Presenter: Rod Rennison, Director, Renewable Energy Practice, Rimkus Consulting Limited


Panel Discussion: Oil & Gas – Still Going Strong?

Panel Discussion: Renewables – Forecasting Trouble Ahead

Deep water exploration continues, despite the shift to renewables. We provide an overview of what is happening in this sector. We cover LNG and FPSOs, and look at the broader opportunities for fossil fuels.


Historically, the energy sector has emerged relatively unscathed from natural catastrophes, but the issue for insurers going forward is whether the same will remain true of the renewable energy sector. This session explores the risks to the renewable energy farms, both on and offshore.

Moderator: Jon Ward, Company Regional Director, Rimkus/CCI

Panelists: Frank Costa, President, Berkley Offshore

Gerry Fahrenthold, Senior Vice President, SCOR

Moderator: Matthew Guy, Partner, Adams & Reece

Panelists: Becky Nace-Grover, Senior Underwriter, U.S Renewables, AXIS

Justin Pugh, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

John Poulson, Chief Surveyor, Poulson Marine Consultants

Jan Pagan, Renewables Manager, MatthewsDaniel


Presentation: Pollution – Time for a Pat on the Back?

Presentation: Blowin’ in the Wind (CAR)

Offshore oil & gas has developed an enviable safety record in recent years, and thankfully, pollution incidents are extremely rare. We consider those incidents, and also look at the way in which legislation has played its part.

US offshore wind insurance – What works and what doesn’t based on the European claims experience?

Presenter: Frank Gonynor, Senior Claims Advisor/Lawyer, Gard (North America) Inc.

Presenter: Paul Lowrie, Partner, Clyde & Co

Corey Greenwald, Partner, Clyde & Co


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Panel Discussion: New Ways of Thinking – Alternative Fuels

Everyone is working towards greener fuels, but what are the realistic choices? Blue, green, brown, black…all the hydrogen colors, but what do they mean? This session breaks down some of the myths around hydrogen and provides a 101 of what it could mean for energy insurers. We also look at the development of batteries and how the thorny issue of storage is changing, along with a brief look at the nuclear option.

Participants: John Kissane, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams LLP 

Tom Dickson, Chief Executive Officer, New Energy Risk

Mike Kolodner, Managing Director Power and Renewables Industry Practice, Marsh

Peter Langan, Senior Underwriter Engineering and VP Property and Specialty Underwriting, Swiss Re


Closing Remarks: Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events


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